Bottom line: The best mailing list you can ever get is one that you create yourself. People that have proven that they’re interested in what you have to offer by either calling, dropping by your store, sending you email or otherwise responding are the absolute best individuals to place on your mailing list. These are your “bread and butter,” so to speak. But, let’s say you’re just starting out and don’t have such a list, or maybe you just wish to try something new and reach others out there that may want what you need a new mailing list. The first step is determining what type of mailing list you need.

A Resident List is the most complete list you can get of everyone in a geographic area. It qualifies for the new walk-sequence saturation rate (about .11/ea. to mail) and is normally addressed to “Occupant” or “Resident.” Every home or apartment, vacant or not, is on this list. It’s updated several times a year with information coming directly from the USPS. It is also used most commonly when targeting mass appeal (ex: coupons, discount offers, etc.) A Response List is a more defined list of people who have responded to offers or those with similar interests. Sources for these lists include credit information, other companies mailing lists, associations and government records. High school students, cat owners, computer owners, Corvette’s all available and the sky’s the limit. The Business List is just as it sounds, addresses of businesses. Sources include the yellow and white pages, government (tax) records and telemarketers. Number of employees, type of business, and contact names are some of the information available. Finally, the most common list is the Name List. Unlike the Resident List, this list comes with actual resident names. You can choose individuals based on age, income, type of housing they live in, number of children, sex, and on and on.

Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to choose exactly who receives your mailing. Still confused, contact us and we’ll be happy to offer up some free advice!