Integrating volume mail processing and product assembly, we can easily take each client’s customer database and send forth a quality package at a moment’s notice. This quick response ensures a good impression on the recipient as well as our commitment to effective customer service.

Personalized, Laser Printed Form Letters

What is a form letter? Many companies need to personalize their mailings. This means that instead of preparing a generic letter and sending them to “Dear Customer” or “Resident,” they actually include each contact’s unique information with a specific message which can, in turn, also include unique information. For example:

Dear John:

Effective Mail Marketing would like to thank you for the opportunity to work with John Smith Industries. In addition, we recognize what a benefit you have been to Warren County, and would like to applaud your contributions to the community.

Preparing form letters (or merge documents), however, can be a daunting task for our customers. Those clients who have ever had to produce one, or thousands, are probably aware of the many intricacies that come with form letters. Although computers make form letters possible, they do not necessarily make them easy. This is where Efective Mail Marketing can lend our expertise. With the customer’s message, and mailing list, we can create a professional looking and effective form letter for any direct mailing.

Customized Mail Promotions

Been thinking of using mail as a form of advertising or promotion for your company or service but do not know how to go about it? A postcard, perhaps? How about a personalized letter, complete with your handwritten “P.S.” and signature? Maybe a self-mailer? Or even something no one has tried before?
EMM is here to help! A free consultation with one of our mailing specialists might just be the answer. We will come to you and discuss your ideas and throw in a few of our own. Together, we will determine the perfect mailing piece for you. And, best of all, there is no obligation.

Targeted Marketing Mailings

You know your customers best. Again, at no obligation to you, a free consultation with one of our mailing specialists just might be the answer to narrowing down the target market for your mailing. By age, sex, number of children, income, location or any of a myriad of identifiers, we can pinpoint the exact individuals you wish to “hit.”

Mass Saturation By Zip Code

You know who you want to mail to and you know where they live. How to reach them? Effective Mail Marketing can get your mailing to them, fast.

Piggyback Mailings

A single mail piece with information from multiple Effective Mail Marketing clients? Cost effective? You bet! Splitting the cost of mailing with others cannot be beat as a way to reduce your overall mailing cost. The more clients included in the mailing, the cheaper the cost to all. Once again, a free consultation with one of our mailing specialists will show you the pros, and cons, of such mailings.

Mail List Research

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies out there wanting to sell you their mailing list. Effective Mail Marketing is familiar with many of them. Before deciding where to purchase your list, give us a call. Not affiliated with any mailing list company, EMM can provide unbiased and professional mailing list information and advice.

Custom Database Development/Database Research

As discussed under “Computerized Mailing Services,” Effective Mail Marketing is ready to step in and help with all phases of basic and advanced database preparation and creation!