What can Effective Mail Marketing do for me that I can’t already do myself?

As an official United States Postal Service Business Partner, we can use our USPS certified software to take your mailing list, cross-reference and correct all of your customer addresses if need be, and then barcode each piece to gain you the maximum postal discount allowed by law.

How much can I save?

On average, we save our clients 44% or more on each piece of mail that we process for them. Our knowledgeable mailing specialists will gladly examine your needs, at no obligation to you, and determine how much we can save you today.

Numbers...I need actual numbers! How much can you mail my pieces for?

...it depends, mostly on how many pieces you're mailing and where they are going. The more you mail, and the more localized your mailing, the more you'll save. By automating and preparing your mail we can often get your cost down to around 14 cents each (immediate EMM area mailings usually go for less, about 11 cents each). The absolute worst rate we can ever offer a client on their automatible letter-sized mailing is 18.3 cents each...this is reserved for those "I have a bunch of mail going just about everywhere in the U.S." mailings. Some of our non-profit customers mail for around 6 cents each. Some of our customers that had been mailing large "flat" sized mail (catalogs, books, etc.) for $1.47 at First Class rates are now enjoying having us mail for them at only 33 cents each. Contact us...let's discuss the specifics of your mailing and see what EMM can save you today.

What if I don’t have a mailing list, or just keep track of my customers using index or Rolodex cards?

No problem! For a low, one-time fee, we will take your customer information, enter it into a popular database format of your choice, and cross reference all of your customers against the USPS National Address Database containing every deliverable mailing address in the US. Undeliverable mail costs you money, and Effective Mail Marketing’s goal is to save you as much as possible, on every piece, every time.

My mailing list cost me time and money and I'd like to keep it secure. What guarantee can Effective Mail Marketing give me that it will remain that way?

All lists received by EMM are password protected and encrypted on our end. Access is only granted to select members of our staff and our ironclad Confidentiality Agreement gives you the peace of mind you need when it comes to your information. At Effective Mail Marketing, we value your trust and work hard to prove it day after day.